Waungron Road decision successfully called in by Plaid Cymru


The Plaid Cymru group on Cardiff Council has successfully ‘called in’ the Labour Council’s decision to turn the Waungron Road recycling centre site into a bus interchange.

The decision has now been quashed by a special scrutiny committee, stopping the plans from going ahead for the time being. The Labour Cabinet will now have to vote again to start the process if they want to proceed.

Labour’s plan to close the recycling centre has been controversial. People were asked to vote on whether to reopen the site in both Fairwater and Llandaff, where the site is located. In Llandaff, 98 per cent voted to reopen the site as a recycling centre. In Fairwater the figure was 100%.

Speaking after the vote, Fairwater Councillor Neil McEvoy said:

“It seems that everyone except Labour can see that the bus interchange plan is a bad idea.

“Waungron Road was a well-used recycling centre that made people’s lives easier. Hopefully, Labour have got the message by now that people don’t want Waungron Road to be turned into a bus interchange.

“They should now take the opportunity to give people what they want, which is a local recycling centre. What’s more likely though, is that they’ll try to push this decision through again in the coming weeks.

“Given that the Waungron Road is such a big election issue, Labour should do the decent thing and wait until after the election on May 4th before making a decision. That way people will have a straightforward choice between Cardiff Plaid’s plan to listen to people and reopen Waungron Road as a recycling centre, or Labour’s plans to close it for good to build a bus interchange there’s no support for."

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