Waungron Road Decision Called In



A controversial decision by Cardiff Council to turn the site of a former recycling centre into a bus interchange has been called in by Cardiff Plaid Councillor Neil McEvoy.


The call in means a special scrutiny meeting of Councillors will be held to reconsider the Council’s decision on Waungron Road.


The call in will take place on Wednesday 8th February at 10am in City Hall.

The Waungron Road recycling centre closed in 2014. Since then the site has laid empty. There have been repeated attempts to reopen the site as a recycling centre. Referendums were held on the matter in Fairwater and Llandaff. Thousands of people voted, where close to 100% chose to reopen Waungron Road.


But Labour-run Cardiff Council has insisted that it will build a bus interchange instead.


The call in comes at a critical time in the Council, with Labour’s majority now wafer thin and the next election for Cardiff Council less than 100 days away. That means that if the call in is successful, the decision on Waungron Road may be delayed until after the elections on May 4th, when a new administration could take over the Council.


Cardiff Plaid’s Cllr Neil McEvoy said:


“There are so many issues with Labour’s plans for Waungron Road it’s hard to know where to start.


“The cost is already ballooning; up from £500,000 when it was first announced to £1.7 million now. There’s a lack of analysis, lack of forward planning, health and safety concerns, added time to bus journeys, no plan to cater for extra parking in the locality and a lack of consideration for cyclists


“But most of all it just didn’t make sense to close a well-used recycling centre. We need to be making recycling easier for people not harder. The real irony is that Labour claim they’re encouraging people to use public transport by building this bus interchange. But all they’ve done is force people to drive to Bessemer Road in Grangetown in order to dispose of their recycling.


“Yet again it’s clear that Labour don’t know what they’re doing and I expect the scrutiny committee at Cardiff Council to confirm that. Then after May the 4th Cardiff Plaid can reopen Waungron Road as a recycling centre for all who need it.”

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