Neil McEvoy


I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Cardiff, the city that I will always call home.

Cardiff is a city built by immigrants and their story is my story. On my mother's side, my Grandfather was from the Yemen.  On my father's side, my family is from England and Ireland. All very different places but it was in Wales, and our great Welsh capital, that my family came together and found each other.

But what were they doing here? Like so many people they came here because of the great opportunities in South Wales. Booming industry, the busiest docks in the world, the first million pound cheque signed in the Coal Exchange in Cardiff Docks. Pretty different to today.

I’m a Councillor in Fairwater but I’m also a teacher, initially qualifying as a teacher of modern languages.

Recently, I haven’t been teaching just any children, I teach kids who have been thrown out of school, or are unable to go to school for various reasons.  A lot of these guys have already had a very hard life. They tend to come from poorer families; families without jobs and little chance of getting one.

Most people have already given up on them and think they won’t amount to anything. It’s kind of like the story of Wales. Too many people think we’ll never amount to anything, that we could never stand on our own two feet.

But just like I never give up on these kids, I’m never going to give up on Wales.

I can see the enormous opportunity we have as a country, if we just have the courage to take it. It’s why I’m in Cardiff Plaid and it’s why I’ll keep campaigning until we take our opportunity as a nation.

I have been proud to represent the communities of Fairwater and Pentrebane. Now I’m ready to fight for the whole of Cardiff West as your Assembly Member.

For Cardiff, for Wales. Our city, our Country.

Neil McEvoy

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