Labour votes to continue destruction of Cardiff’s green fields


Carmageddon coming to Cardiff with 10,000 extra cars on the roads.

The Labour group on Cardiff Council has voted against Plaid Cymru’s motion that would have asked the Welsh Government to revoke Cardiff’s controversial Local Development Plan (LDP).

The Local Development Plan brought forward by Labour will lead to tens of thousands of houses being built on the green fields surrounding Cardiff.

The west of the city will be the most affected, with land between the city and rural villages, including St Fagans, being completely filled in with houses.

The new housing is expected to bring at least 10,000 extra cars onto the roads. The Welsh Government, run by Labour, has argued that the proposed Metro will take many of these cars off the roads. But the Metro project will not be complete for years after the new housing is built, if it happens at all.

If Plaid Cymru’s motion was passed it would have meant the Council preparing a report in order to use Section 68 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchases Act. Section 68 allows a Council to ask the Welsh Government to revoke its Local Development Plan.

With Labour voting against revoking the LDP a change in administration in May will be the only way to stop the Local Development Plan.

Speaking after the vote, Fairwater Councillor Neil McEvoy AM said:

"Labour has just voted to turn Cardiff into a concrete jungle. Houses are now going to sprawl across what are beautiful green fields and woodland.

"Trees will be chopped down. Fields will be lost. The air our families breathe will become even more polluted than it already is. Do Labour actually think the people living in these new suburbs won’t drive?

"This really is the ultimate hypocrisy. Labour campaigned before the election promising to protect the green fields. And just a day before the vote on the Council, the Labour group in the National Assembly voted for a Conservative motion calling for green cities with open spaces.

"But Cardiff is going to lose its green fields and open spaces. There’s only one way to stop this green destruction now and that’s by voting for Cardiff Plaid in May. Labour voting down our motion has delayed us stopping the LDP by a few months. But they won’t stop us if we take control of the Council in May."

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