Councillor calls for action, as he fences off polluted stream

Cardiff Plaid Cymru Councillor Neil McEvoy is calling for action over a polluted stream at Waungron Park in Fairwater.

It was confirmed last Summer that the stream is polluted with raw sewage. The water analysis shows that the stream is dangerously polluted.

Local residents have been complaining about the overwhelming stench during hot weather, making it impossible for them to open their windows.

Cllr Neil McEvoy said,
“ I just cannot believe that the authorities knew about the sewage issue as far back as  July 2015 that the stream was infected with some nasty bacteria, yet very little was done. Crucially, nobody was warned and residents tell me that children play football in the park with the ball inevitably going into the stream and being retrieved. The children’s hands are therefore then infected and I wouldn’t be surprised if illnesses have resulted. I wrote to the Local Health Board about this, but they haven’t even responded.
Welsh Water and the Council are just passing the buck and I think we are seeing the first serious failure of the flawed merger of regulatory services. Nobody is taking responsibility. I also wrote to the Future Generations Commissioner, but have heard nothing.
Wales is almost third world like with a massively bloated public sector at very senior management level. We have far too many telephone number salary chiefs, with not enough Indians on the ground to do the work. It almost beggars belief that this could happen in 2016.
Given the lack of action, I had my own signs made and roped off part of the stream with tape. Fairwater’s Plaid Team have also written to residents surrounding the Park. Something must be done. "

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