The Contract with Cardiff

As your Assembly Member for Cardiff West I will fight tooth and nail to bring about these five common sense Acts, within the first term of a Party of Wales government.
  1. THE LOCAL HOUSING FOR LOCAL NEED ACT. This act will prioritise house building for local people, based on local need. The Act will also introduce a "brownfield first" policy, meaning house builders must build on previously developed sites before they can touch our green fields.
  2. THE SOCIAL CARE FAIRNESS ACT. Currently, NHS care is free at the point of need but social care is means-tested. This Act would abolish social care charges for the elderly and those with dementia, making social care fairer.
  3. THE NO SOLDIER LEFT BEHIND ACT. We don't leave soldiers behind on the battlefield and we shouldn't leave them behind after their proud service is over. This Act would guarantee quality housing and health care to soldiers who have seen active service.
  4. THE PARENT EQUALITY ACT. This Act will take a parent and child-centred approach, rather than benefiting the lawyers. It will give children the right in law to have a reasonable relationship with both sets of parents and grandparents, putting children first.
  5. THE FAIR PAY ACT. Fat cat salaries are out of control. There are employees of Cardiff Council earning over £200,000. The Fair Pay Act will link the wages at the top with the wages at the bottom, in the public sector in Wales. If those on the highest wage want to give themselves a pay rise, they will have to raise the lowest wages by the same percentage. That's what our hardest workers in the public sector deserve.

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Neil McEvoy

I support the Contract with Cardiff

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