Carmageddon Vote could save Cardiff’s green fields


On 26 January Cardiff Council will vote on a motion put forward by the Cardiff Plaid group. The motion calls for the Welsh Government to revoke the Local Development Plan (LDP) put in place by the Labour group that runs the Council.

The Local Development Plan sets out where houses will be built over the coming years. If it isn’t revoked it will lead to thousands of houses being built on the green fields that surround Cardiff. Traffic jams in the city will also get much worse, with 10,000 extra cars expected on the roads as a result of the new houses. And the pressure on hospital beds could be severe. No extra beds are being provided in the Heath but tens of thousands of extra people will live in the city.

The Carmageddon Vote will be a real test of a Labour group in crisis. After a series of high-profile defections, resignations and by-election losses the once large Labour majority is down to just four. The other parties on Cardiff Council are united in their opposition to the Local Development Plan and so there is a chance the Carmageddon Vote could be won.

Plaid’s group leader Neil McEvoy AM said:

"Labour have ignored every consultation on the LDP. They’ve ignored every referendum and constituent who has written to them about this. The people of Cardiff have been clear; they don’t want to lose the countryside around Cardiff. Those green fields are where people in Cardiff walk with their families and where generations of kids have grown up playing.

"But it seems the only people Labour listen to these days are the corporate housing developers who will make millions.

"We can’t have 10,000 extra cars on the roads. Traffic is already terrible and air pollution is killing people in Cardiff every year. With no new hospital beds no one knows where sick people will be treated. The Heath is already full and Llandough isn’t any better.

"The Carmaggedon Vote that Cardiff Plaid has put forward gives Labour a chance to save our countryside from destruction and keep new traffic off our roads. They must take this chance."

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