Cardiff Plaid wins extra seat on Cardiff Council

Average party vote across Cardiff West


Cardiff Plaid increased its vote by 77% across Cardiff West and finished in first or second place in every ward in the west of the city.  We also saw strong performances across our capital.

In Fairwater, Plaid took a clean sweep of all three seats, with the sitting Labour Councillor losing his seat.

Cardiff Plaid finished in a close second in every other seat in Cardiff West, as well as in Grangetown and Butetown in the south of the city.

In Radyr, Plaid’s vote went up by 509%, in Caerau by 317%. In Llandaff the Plaid vote went up by 225%, finishing just 82 votes behind the Conservatives. In Pentyrch the Plaid vote went up by 203% and Canton saw a 127% increase, finishing with around 2000 votes for each candidate.

In the south of the city Butetown saw a 20% increase and Splott a 75% rise.

In the north, Plaid’s vote in Gabalfa went up by 64% and in Llandaff North there was a massive 491% rise.

Cardiff Plaid group leader Neil McEvoy said:

“It’s good news that our vote has increased so much in so many wards in the city. And it’s very encouraging that we’ve increased our number of seats on Cardiff Council.

“We are now the clear alternative to Labour and Conservative rule across our capital. With so many close seconds we are in the perfect position to win large numbers of seats at the next Council election.

“The message now is that if you vote Plaid you get Plaid. We’re the party challenging across our city and we’re the only realistic possibility of taking on the Labour and Conservative establishment. Our focus now is on winning seats in Cardiff in the UK General Election so that we can get the best Brexit deal for Wales.”

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