Cardiff Plaid’s Neil McEvoy endorsed by Labour member Royston Thomas

“My name is Royston Thomas, I have been an avid Labour supporter all my life, I was an active member for Cardiff West, I moved out of the area 5 years ago, but I can tell you one thing if I was still in the area, I would definitely not be voting for Labour in the election on May 5th. As your AM for the Cardiff West area, Mark Drakeford has not lifted a finger to help you and neither has your MP, Kevin Brennan. My vote would go to Neil McEvoy for Plaid Cymru. You only have to go on his Facebook page to see what a hard working guy he is.

I am positive if he was to be elected for Cardiff West he would do more for you than the ones you already have. Who closed Waungron Road Depot? Labour. Who took your pool away in Victoria Park? Labour. I could fill a book with all their wrong doings.

Everyone who knows me in Cardiff West knows I only speak the truth. So please, put your X on the ballot paper next to Neil McEvoy. You can trust him and I give you my word he is a good man I have known him for many years. He is a strong willed person and a fighter for the people.
Vote for Neil McEvoy.”

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