A manifesto #forCardiff


Cardiff Plaid has published its ambitious proposal for Wales’ capital city.

A Manifesto #forCardiff is the result of thousands of conversations across Cardiff on doorsteps, in pubs, schools, community centres and places of worship.

A Manifesto #forCardiff has seven key pledges that will transform Cardiff into a cleaner, greener and healthier capital city.

A Manifesto #forCardiff

Launching the manifesto at World of Boats in Cardiff Bay, the leader of the Cardiff Plaid group on Cardiff Council, Neil McEvoy AM, said:

“It’s time for good people to stand up. On May 4th we have the chance to elect Cardiff’s Champions. The years of Labour failure can now come to an end.

“People in Cardiff don’t have to choose between a divided and incompetent Labour party and a Conservative party that watches from the side lines but gets nothing done.

“After winning 10,000 votes in Cardiff west last May and then winning the Grangetown by-election in November, it’s clear to all that Cardiff Plaid is the alternative on May the 4th.

“We have 7 pledges for 2017 that will transform our capital city.

“We have committed to revoke and reform Labour’s disastrous Local Development Plan that will destroy green fields around our city and bring 10,000 extra cars on the roads. We’re going to save those fields.

“We will reopen the recycling centres that Labour needlessly closed. We’ll be using Cardiff’s ‘City Deal’ to build green, sustainable infrastructure, fit for Wales’ capital city. And we’ll bring transparent, honest and open city politics to Cardiff. That means opening the books on all of Labour’s land deals and reclassifications, especially the outrageous Lisvane Land Deal, where taxpayers lost out on £38 million.

“Cardiff Plaid’s manifesto is a comprehensive plan for what we will get done in May. It’s a serious set of proposals for a party that is serious about governing in Wales’ capital city.

“Cardiff is our capital. When the world looks to Wales they look to us and so second best isn’t good enough. Cardiff Plaid is the party that is going to deliver the very best for Cardiff.

“Let’s get it done!”

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